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What’s the Best Sleep Position for Your Health?

The position that you sleep on has a significant impact on the quality of sleep that you will have, plus it will very much determine your overall health. If your is a poor sleeping position, then most definitely know that you will very much be experiencing neck and back pains. Some of the other adverse side effects that one can get from adopting a poor sleeping position are constant body fatigue, muscle cramping, sleep apnea, tummy trouble, impaired circulation, headaches, plus it can also lead to the development of premature wrinkles.

So if you are wondering which is the best position for sleeping then read along and make your choice.

Side Sleeping

side sleeping pregnant womanThis is another type of sleeping position where one sleeps with their torso and legs in a relatively straight position. Experts at The Sleep Holic suggest side sleeping as the most recommended sleep position during pregnancy. It is also considered a good sleeping position as it decreases the effects of reflux acid and contributes to the elongation of one’s spine. When this happens, the possibility of one experiencing back pains is considerably reduced. Additionally, when you are sleeping in this position, it is less likely that you will snore when you are sleeping. For a reason mentioned earlier, side sleeping is the best sleeping position for those individuals who are suffering from apnea. One of the principal outstanding disadvantages of this sleeping style is that it leads to the premature development of wrinkles since most of the time the sleepers face is in contact with the pillow.

Fatal Position

This can be considered as another good sleeping position as 41% of adults usually sleep in this position. In this position, one rests on the side, while the torso is hunched in a way so that your knees are bent.

Back Sleeping

back sleepingEven though most people assume that they sleep on their backs, research has it that it is only 8% of the world’s population that rests on their backs. But so far this is the best sleeping position. Experts recommend that this is the healthiest position to sleep on. This is because when you sleep on the back, you very much allow your neck, spine and back to rest in their natural position. What this means is that you do not exert any unwanted pressure in those areas. This goes a long way in ensuring that you do not experience any pain.

Additionally, when you sleep on your back and face the ceiling, has been found has an ideal way of doing away with acid reflux. But to achieve this, you will need to use a pillow that is at least elevated so that your head gets enough support. When you are in this position, your stomach is most definitely below your esophagus hence not food nor acid will be allowed to come up the digestive system. But on the flip side, when you sleep on your back, there is a possibility that your tongue may block your breathing tube hence exposing one to the danger of one suffering from sleep apnea.

On the Stomach

While this is a good sleeping position for those individuals who snore a lot, it is recommended that when one sleeps on their stomach, they should do so with their heads facing in one direction, for maximum comfort.


Tips on Staying Healthy

We understand that not all people have the time to stay healthy, especially when you’re always on the go, or you barely have any time to keep your healthy routine on the list. But even when you’re busy it’s still important to stay healthy, and in this article, we have listed some tips on how to stay healthy despite how busy you are, make sure that you read this article to find out more about it.

cigaretteCut down on the bad things

The first step that you can do to stay healthy is to cut down on the bad things in your lifestyle; these things can include such as drinking alcohol, smoking and taking drugs. Failure in stopping on cutting down this stuff might lead to weight gain, heart disease, addiction and many more. Another tip that we can give to you is to swap your lousy routine with something else; some people smoke to get the ‘sweet’ taste, so opt for chewing gum when you get the urge to smoke. Drink alcohol on social outings but make sure you have a limit on how much you’re going to drink.

Walk to your workplace

If your workplace is reachable by walking, then why not walk? Walking for fifteen to thirty minutes is enough for you to get the exercise you need while saving some money from the gas bills or public transportation, which you can save to buy something, perhaps a ticket for your vacation that you deserve. Besides saving money and getting the exercise that you need you will also feel more alert in your workplace, which also keeps you from your addiction to coffee.

Bring your own meal

Preparing your own meal will help you to stay healthy while also saving some money from eating outside. Bringing your own lunch to work or class can also help you to stay in shape as well, especially if you’re on a diet. Another best part of packing your own lunch is that you can substitute the things that you don’t like and put more food that you want.

bottleDrink more water

To stay healthy and to lose some weight make sure that you stay hydrated throughout the day. A sign of dehydration is when you’re starting to feel dehydrated, so make sure that you drink every now and then if you’re not used to drinking water you can opt for infused water with your favorite fruit.

Tip: for weight loss and better digestion you can opt for warm water in the morning.